Residency by Eileen Ryan | April 2nd to May 27th 2022

PT// “Desejo recolher amostras das árvores locais em Portugal e documentar galerias de escaravelhos e
as suas formas, a fim de traduzir as marcações únicas numa linguagem pictórica, tais como logógrafos e fonógrafos. Uma vez desenvolvido um sistema, eu suponho que uma mensagem ou série de histórias estão a ser contadas pelos escaravelhos e vou registrá-las sob a forma de uma instalação.”

EN// “I wish to gather samples from the local trees in Portugal and document beetle galleries and
their forms in order to translate the unique markings into a pictorial language such as logographs and phonographs. Once a system is developed, I hypothesize that a message or series of stories are being told by the beetles and I will record this in the form of a tome and installation.”


Eileen Ryan is an interdisciplinary artist from Massachusetts, USA. She explores her interests in science, spirituality, and nature to create investigative works about connection. Using a process of experimentation and observation, Eileen creates performative works, paintings, and installations to communicate her concepts to a variety of audiences. Eileen’s installations, paintings and performances have been exhibited in New York, Boston, Tel Aviv, London, Japan, Ireland, Portugal, Finland, Ireland and Peru, and published in “From Dream to Dream. Where Science Meets Art” edited by Alannah Robins.

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