IN HOUSE Exhibitions

Every year Cultivamos Cultura exhibits a selection of artworks created by current residents or during past residencies at the barn in our house. These exhibitions are intended to provide a context to the work that is being performed during the art residencies. Visitors can therefore experience the final artwork within the exhibition and compare with the ongoing process that is being developed by resident artists. The in-house exhibitions are also used as part of educational and other outreach activities.

OTHER VENUES Exhibitions

In addition to in-house exhibitions Cultivamos Cultura develops a program of major exhibitions that have been shown nationally and internationally. These exhibitions are predominantly dedicated to new media and experimental art practices. The diversity of strategies as part of contemporary art creation, namely through the exploration of different media and technology, is usually a key part of the exhibitions. See further information about our past exhibitions, namely Emergencias 2012 – produced for Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture; or Sul – Sol (on tour in Portugal, Spain and Belgium). We are always interested in partnerships with other organizations.