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Braiding Friction

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and postponed activities, Biofriction has set up a a series of Working Groups and online events to instigate an informed discussion on current situation and possible scenarios.

What does it mean to be acting in accordance with to “flatten” the mathematically constructed curve? Speculatively, it seems a little reminiscent of aspiring for the best possible version of the present. What is the role of art in the unpacking/understanding of the now? How can art mobilise a better understanding of possible futures? How can art spaces be prepared to respond to this possible pendulum of cyclical outbreaks? What alliances can be woven in this context of precariousness, life, death, and malaise?

During May, June and July, four groups are working for on these and other specific questions and concerns raising from the current situation.


Non Living Queerings



Art Shows and Public Health



  • General presentation

1st Presentation and introduction to the working groups

Tuesday, 2, June | 18h (CET)

link streaming:

  • Working groups presentation

Non Living Queerings

Wednesday, 17, June |18h (CET)

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  • Phageologies

4th week of June (CET)

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  • Arts Shows and Public Health

4nd week of july

Day/hours TBC

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  • Aero-Sol-Nauts

3rd week of July

Day/hour to be confirmed

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