We believe it is important to collaborate with local communities. Thus a series of projects are currently being developed in order to create bonds between Cultivamos Cultura, its residents, and the local communities. Groups or individuals can visit our facilities by prior arrangement. School visits are especially encouraged. Depending on the residents at the time, different activities are available. Our residents are also available to participate in activities in schools or other locations. Especial educational activities are prepared according to the characteristics of each residency.


Cultivamos Cultura offers on every thusrday night in August a cycle of cinema projections in the outdoors. This project aims to revive a part of the history of the house where Cultivamos Cultura is located – the house of Dilar and Manuel Simões. The first cinema screenings in the village of São Luís took place in the patio of our house, brought by an itinerant film projectionist, with the screen being a white sheet secured to the barn’s wall. The audience had to bring their own chairs from home. Cultivamos Cultura is recreating these events in forthcoming warm Summer nights.