SUMMER SCHOOL 2013 – From 28th of July | 3rd of August

The Summer School CULTIVAMOS CULTURA was dedicated do “Art, biology and the environment”.

The Summer School Cultivamos Cultura 2013 was dedicated to “Art, biology and the environment”. The main distinctive feature was the offer of a tailor made program: we invited participants to submit their interests in advance, in order to shape the program to accommodate those interests, together with the specific interests of the faculty. An emphasis was placed on the influence of the environment, sustainable practices and technology, taking advantage of the natural park, the coast line and the ocean.
The backbone was about three issues: (1) conception of artworks; (2) production of artworks within experimental art practice; (3) challenges for public presentation of artworks.

The main faculty was:
Marta de Menezes (artist, curator), Marie Pier Boucher (Philosophy, ethics, PhD candidate at Duke University, USA); Luis Graça MD PhD (science, biotechnology, Professor at University of Lisbon), with collaboration of experts in biology from the Natural Park and other artists.

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