Enlight-ten +

ENLIGHT-TEN+ is a European Network Linking Informatics and Genomics of Helper T cells in Tissues: A crucial missing link in our current research environment is the lack of qualified individuals who possess the immunology skills to recognise and define important scientific questions amenable to -omics approaches, and also the bioinformatic expertise to interrogate and interpret the resulting Big Data appropriately. Thus, our mission is to provide cross-disciplinary training for a new generation of enthusiastic researchers who have in-depth understanding of T cell immunology and are also capable to handle large datasets. Our network of 15 beneficiaries from 10 European countries combines expertise on T cell biology with state-of-the-art technologies generating Big Data, cutting-edge bioinformatic tools including artificial intelligence, preclinical models and samples from patient cohorts.

ENLIGHT-TEN+ will identify microenvironmental factors shaping the functional properties of tissue-resident T cells, which offer important therapeutic potential in various human autoimmune diseases, making them a key target for pharmaceutical companies. 15 early-stage researchers (ESRs) will be empowered to push our knowledge of tissue-resident T cells beyond the state-of-the-art which will enable the identification of novel biomarkers and support the development of advanced therapeutic concepts. The generation of Big Data is an emerging and challenging field, and there is high demand in both the academic and industrial sector for researchers to be able to analyse, integrate and exploit this rich source of information.

ENLIGHT-TEN+ will combine individual strengths of innovative laboratories and enterprises from complementary disciplines to provide unique interdisciplinary training as an ideal stepping-stone for the ESRs to enter and strengthen Europe’s academia as well as pharmaceutical and bioinformatics companies, thereby placing them at the forefront of this emerging field.