Past Projects


The mission of ENLIGHT-TEN is to provide cross-disciplinary training in T cell immunology and big data analysis in order to train a new generation of researchers to exploit the power of emerging technological platforms.

Understanding and manipulating T cell responses is critical to therapeutic intervention in a wide-range of immune-mediated pathologies. The use of immunotherapy to increase anti-tumor responses has recently gained considerable attention, and suppressing the immune response to ameliorate autoimmunity is an equally important goal.

Arts exhibition: Arts Enlightening Immunology

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The theme of the first edition of the London Design Biennale was Utopia by Design, which celebrated the 500th anniversary of the publication of Sir Thomas More’s classic, Utopia.

Director of the Biennale, Dr Christopher Turner, explained how the centrality of the theme was fundamental to establishing a strong coherence and curated unity between all participating countries and territories. Design teams were encouraged to create installations that interrogated the history of the utopian idea, and engaged with some of the fundamental issues facing humanity.

Their responses celebrated cultural diversity and showed design’s innate power to strike up and inform debate, but also as a catalyst: provoking real change by suggesting inspiring or cautionary futures. Together these visions formed a laboratory of ambitious ideas that might contribute to making the world a better place. And what other objective is there to good design?

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Touch Me is an international triennial project dedicated to integration of art, science and technology since 2003. Themes like pleasure, energy and intelligence marked previous festival editions and served as an inspiration for many projects in the field of new media art. In 2014 and its fourth edition, Touch me festival: It’s about time! will immerse you in intriguing and innovative concepts of contemporary science and art research regarding time as a fourth dimension.

Resolve the mysteries of philosophic practices mixed with physics, chemistry and computer science; electrify yourself by laser lights in foaming acid; find out how new biological technologies became artistic media and explore the provocative psychology and politics of disaster – all blended, connected and saturated through endless faces of vertiginous time continuum.

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An experimental art exhibition using science and technology to develop new media for artistic expression. A show of national and international works using media that include chemical processes, physics phenomena and biology, electronics and programming as well as virtual environments and netArt. An Experimental Art Exhibition curated by Marta de Menezes for the Art & Arquitecture Programme of Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture.

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