Residency by Dalila Honorato – From July 13th to 31th 2020

Dalila Honorato, Ph.D, is Tenured Assistant Professor in Aesthetics and Visual Semiotics, Ionian University, Greece, and collaborator at the Center of Philosophy of Sciences, Univ. Lisbon, Portugal. Cofounder of the Interactive Arts Lab, she is the head of the interdisciplinary conference “Taboo-Transgression-Transcendence in Art & Science”, and, together with Marta de Menezes, the conceptualizer and developer of the project “FEMeeting: Women in Art, Science and Technology”. She is a full member of the Board of Directors of the “Municipal Gallery of Corfu” (2020-2023). She was a guest speaker at: festival Extravagant Bodies: Extravagant Love (Croatia); ASFA Lectures Series, Athens School of Fine Arts (Greece); a.pass Research Center (Belgium); CIAC, Univ. Algarve (Portugal); Coalesce Center for Biological Art, Univ. Buffalo (USA); BioDesign Seminar Series,  Parsons (USA); symposium Arts Based Research in Times of Climate and Social Change, CNSI – UCLA (USA); Penny Stamps, University of Michigan (USA), etc.


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