FACTT | Canada 2019 – From 9th to 12th of March

The Arte Institute and RHI initiative, in partnership with Cultivamos Cultura and ArtSci Salon, have the pleasure to announce FACTT – Festival of Art & Science in Toronto, from March 9, 6 pm to March 12.

The FACTT exhibition will take place at the Gales Gallery on York University’s Keele campus, in Toronto. The show is curated by Marta de Menezes, Roberta Buiani and Joel Ong Yu-Zhi.


Artists |

Alan Tod (Beyond Sugar)
André Sier (Ant-Ennae Videos)
António Caramelo (Dreaming of a Butterfly)
Alex May (40” painting)
Artur Moreira (One small step for a man one giant leap for mankind)
Esther Kim (Growth)
Hege Tapio, Mark Lipton & Marta de Menezes (Black Gold)
Hugo Paquete (The Terminal Body: Connection Network and Aesthetic Obsolescence)
Maria Manuela Lopes (Art making with memory matters: boxes, shadows and definitions)
Miguel Palma (Parceria)
Pavel Tavares (Como ensillar un caballo bajo el volcán Domuyo)
Pedro Ventura (Santa Loucura)
Suzanne Anker (Ovum)
Tarah Rhoda (Salt Mine)

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