Residency by Ágnes László – From 28th of February to the 2th of March 2020

Ágnes László is an artist from Transylvania with a variety of experiences. Graduated from MOME University of Art and Design, Object design/ glass design.

Her intention is to search for new, sustainable solutions in our everyday life. Being more aware of our environment and its limits, reusing sustainably what is given from the nature and make people think about what are the objects what people really need, not making the world more crowded with new and useless objects.

Artistic /Designing project

To experiment with local materials, things which are given from our nature( like sand, earth, “agrila”, water). To experiment with earth bricks . To rethink how we use our organic waste (coffee waste,  orange, lemon peel). Turn them into useful and durable, but degradable objects, (for example a lamp, a bowl, or a plate made from organic waste). 

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