EXHIBITION IN PENAFIEL – from 12th to 26th of March 2016

Matter and Media of the Invisible: the archaeology of memory

This collective exhibition gathers projects from international artists that, from sculpture to installation, using design and performance, make
up a network of relationships between Man, his environment and history, with special focus on the intersection of art and museology, by reflecting the visible and invisible matter that constitues our memory.

Curator: Maria Manuela Lopes
a project of ISCE Douro (Instituto de Ciência Educativas do Douro)
in partnership with
Penafiel Municipal Museum
Praxis & Poiesis (ID+ – Instituto de Investigação em Design, Media e Cultura)
Cultivamos Cultura – Associação Cultural
Ectopia – Laboratório de Artes Experimental
I3S (Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde)

Antonio Caramelo / Carlos Murad / Celso Guimarães / Paulo Emílio e Dori Nigro / Edgard Oliva / Fabiana Wielevic / João Agrelli / João Vilnei / Kathleen Rogers / Leonardo Ventapane / Maria Manuela Lopes / Marta de Menezes / Natalia Arango / Paulo Bernardino Bastos / Sergio Eliseu / Silvia Pinto / Welligton Junior / Horácio Tomé Marques / Francisco M. Teixeira

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