WHERE’S WANDA? – From 1st of September | to 6th October of 2013

A research and development residency by artist Boo Chapple (UK-AU).

During her stay at Cultivamos Cultura Boo worked on her illustrated book Where’s Wanda? The book narrates a day in the life of Wanda lived entirely as data. As such, Wanda functions as both a nobody and an everybody, one probability among many, or a statistical ‘non-self’. In creating this book Boo asks: Where can we locate the boundaries of a specific individual vis a vis an abstract population? How does the ‘self’ function in the vast bio-informatic, material-politic web spun and capturing us across the globe. And how do we make meaning of our lives, tell stories, and feel connections in this new and old, brave and not so brave, world.

Boo Chapple (UK-AU)

Boo Chapple is a British-Australian artist and researcher whose conceptually driven practice has been enacted across a diverse range of media including sound (installation, performance, design), performance installation, food events, video, books, and art/science projects. She holds a Master of Design (by research) from the Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory, RMIT University, Melbourne, and an MFA in Art Practice from Stanford University, California. Most recently she directed Open CuRate It for FACT, Liverpool. In the past Boo worked as a sound artist, technician and tour manager on a number of theatre based performance projects and since 2004 she has maintained an interdisciplinary teaching practice (Media, Industrial Design, Art/Science). In 2006 she completed a year’s residency at SymbioticA funded by the New Media Board of the Australia Council and in 2007-08 she undertook at 12 month residency at the Design Research Institute, RMIT, funded by an Arts Innovation grant from Arts Victoria. In 2009, Boo was invited to teach the Vivo Arts Course and undertake a residency at the Art and Genomics Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands.

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