PROGRAMA HANDLING – From 19th of August | to 30th August of 2013

A research residency by AND_Lab | Centro de Investigação Artística e Criatividade Científica (PT).

The residency at Cultivamos Cultura allowed the group to focus on the content and objectives for our program, that will therefore guide the plan for this year’s courses bod in the long workshops and short workshops. The hANDling program 2014 and the organisational system of M.O_AND were then compiled and developed as a multimedia file that was now produced within the program for AND_Lab 2013/14.

AND_Lab | Centro de Investigação Artística e Criatividade Científica (PT)

The AND_Lab | Centre for Artistic Research and Scientific Creativity, directed by João Fiadeiro and Fernanda Eugénio, positions itself as a platform for education and research at the interface between creativity, sustainability, politics and daily life. Working as a common place for collaborative research on the convergence between art and science, theory and practice, ethics and aesthetics, modes of existence and modes of creation, AND_Lab operates in the encounter between two transversal concerns – how to live together? and how not to have an idea? – and between two modes of thinking-doing – Real Time Composition and Ethnography as Situated Performance.

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