O.E.E. ONTOLOGICAL ECOLOGY OF ECHOES – From 20th of May | to 30th September of 2013

A research and development residency by Maria Lúcia Cruz Correia (PT-BE).

When nature takes back a social story
The project is an ongoing research which tries to establish strategies on environmental dialogues towards collaborative process between science and architecture. The aim is to design a house as iconic symbol of Home: a common ground for “family and safety” but also as a symbol of collapsing systems.
The idea is to search models for a “wounded social sculpture” presented by an architecture body, that is defined by an internal malfunction, a genetic illness at birth. The termites incorporate the illness which activate the moment when nature sticks back. It suspends, a symbolic interference that proposes the illness of the system as a metaphor, a reveal of spatial malfunctions, disabilities, and failures on its metabolism.

Maria Lúcia Cruz Correia (PT-BE)

Maria Lúcia Cruz Correia (1983) works in the field of art, science and activism. Her artistic practice is materialized in the form of performances, installations and public space interventions. Her background is in Graphic Design and Performance Art. In 2010 she enrolled Advanced Studies in Scenography APASS, where she explores the idea of perceiving the city as an ill organism embodied by its social organs and its political metabolism: an Eco-Politicalconstruction from “nature to nature”, activated by the consequences of human impact on environment. Since 2009 she has presented her work in festivals such as Ithaka, Tempusarti, Batard, Fresh, Conge, Summercamp Electrified. And has been in residency in Budakunstcentrum, Fo.am, Bans Connective, STUK and currently Vooruit.

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