CULTIVAMOS CULTURA 2012 – From 3rd of October | 20th of October

Our Exhibition in the town of Odemira in 2012!

From the 3rd to the 20th of October Cultivamos Cultura brought to the town of Odemira some of the recently exhibited works developed for the exhibition Emergências2012, produced by Cultivamos Cultura for Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture.
Art and Science – a new form of artistic expression? Art and Science refers to a new form of artistic expression that embodies the approximation of these two field and activities of knowledge and creativity. Artists and scientists have come together to work together and explore new areas of expression. In art we witness new practices inspired by scientific knowledge and in science we have an increasing interest in the methods of artistic creativity. This meeting of interest has produced spectacular results, full of inventiveness and able to reflect on the great challenges we face in our future.

Works and artists: / Eva & Franco Mattes, Bleu Remix / Yann Marussich with André Sier (Vídeo documental por Paulo Bernardino and Maria Manuela Lopes) , Every Icon / John F. Simon, In the beginning there was the Word / Marta de Menezes, IP Poetry /Gustavo Romano, La Máquina Podrida AKA la Desdentada / Brian Mackern, Latro /Mike Thompson, NETescopio / Gustavo Romano, Social Airbags / Roman Kirschner, The Approach / Maria Manuela Lopes

Photographs of the exhibition Emergências 2012 and Yann Marussich’s performance byAndré Cepeda.

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