Visit to the Lowell Campus of the University of Massachusetts – 5th and 6th of March 2020

Workshop I : Environmental Expanded Media

This workshop was created in collaboration with Caitlin Foley and Anna Isaak-Ross. The workshop itself was about giving shape to concepts. The materials were stockings, grass seeds and soil with which we could do experiments with shapes to express anything each participant wanted to give form to. The stockings were given a 3d shape and filled with a mixture of soil and seeds to be nurtured to grow as time goes by. Can we give concepts a form? How can we do it with living materials, growing matter? What is a breading sculpture? Can we make sculptures to help renew the air around us? These and other questions were some of the issues discussed and tackled during this workshop.

Workshop II : Hybrid Workshop at the Crossroads of Biology & Art

This is special topic in printmaking course – This workshop was created in collaboration with Sophie Isaak  and Anna Isaak-Ross to challenge possible expansion to printmaking.  The primary question was if we could do silkscreen printing with seeds and what would that entail. Several choices were made to transform the regular protocol of silk-screening into a recipe for encouraging germination of small seeds that were set on the print. The pigments used were as plain as possible, the mixture’s base was rice paste and flocking technique was the strategy to lay the seeds. Growth and germination will follow with lots of water and sunshine.
What does this do to a print? What changes in a series? What other strategies can be thought of to expand and experiment on Printmaking?

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