Raízes Exhibition | FBAUL Gallery | March 7th to 21st 2019

The exhibition Raízes is for Cultivamos Cultura one of the most important events of the year. It is also the moment to present the results of the artistic residences that were happening during spring and summer in the space of Cultivamos Cultura in São Luís – Odemira, and also the moment to publicly present those works together with selected pieces of other collections in the area of the new media and from different partners. It is an occasion to contextualize the work we have developed, to show it to the educational and artistic community, nationally and internationally.


Coletiva Summer School Cultivamos Cultura
Felipe Shibuya
Jude Abuh-Zaineh
Andrew Carnie
Carla Rebelo
Eileen Ryan
Marta de Menezes
Suzanne Anker
Tarah Rhoda
Maria-Francisca Abreu-Afonso

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