Raízes Exhibition | MONTRAS 2018 | August 11th to September 6th

Montras 2018!!! Cultivamos Cultura opens the Exhibition Raizes!!! With Performances by Daria Kaufman, Maria Manuela Lopes and Eileen Ryan!!!

Cultivamos Cultura

Cultivamos Cultura is a platform for experimentation and development of shared knowledge in the theory and practice of science, technology and contemporary art.
Cultivamos Cultura organizes activities in the areas of production, dissemination, research, education and exhibition. It is also part of our mission to contribute a strong sense of cultural identity by fostering the generation of bonds with the local community and environment.

Exhibition Raízes|

James Higgins/Photography
Anna Isaac-Ross/Photography
Alan Tod/Forest, Sculpture
Dalila Honorato/Labios, Sculpture
Marta de Menezes, Dalila Honorato, Jude Abu-Zaineh e Felipe Shibuya/Sea Urchin, Video Installation
Daria Kaufman e Ana Baleia/Bound, Installation-Performance

Ken Rinaldo/Cholula Murmurations, Digital Print

Felipe Shibuya/Felipe, Sculpture-Installation
Marta de Menezes e Kira O’Reilly/SpiderWeb, Sculpture-Installation
Andrew Carnie, Marta de Menezes, Dalila Honorato, Isabel Burr-Raty, Felipe Shibuya, Jude Abu-Zaineh, Judy Carnie, Pedro Miguel Cruz, RIcardo Guerreiro Campos/Hybrid Bodies SummerSchool Workshop, Watercolour on Paper
Ana Baleia, Dalila Honorato, Jude Abu-Zaineh e Felipe Shibuya/Evolution, Installation
Gail Hocking/Quiet Disturbance, Installation
Dave Robinson/Odemira, Poetry
Jude Abu-Zaineh/Dinner, Sculpture-Installation
Marta de Menezes/Familia Nuclear, Installation
Antonio Caramelo, Dalila Honorato, Felipe Shibuya e Jude Abu-Zaineh/Viagem, Video
Paulo Bernardino/Untitled, Sculpture-Installation
Maria Manuela Lopes/Untitled, Sculpture-Installation


SÁB. 22:45 – 23:15|| Daria Kaufman (Dress by Ana Baleia) | Bound

DOM || Untitled | Maria Manuela Lopes

DOM || Untitled | Eileen Ryan

With the Support of:

Direcção Geral das Artes
Camara de Odemira

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