Residency by Eileen Ryan – From 1th of March| 26th of May 2018


I would like to create an installation that investigates what draws us to make connections with particular people and places through a research study designed to uncover the patterns and traits that fuel meaningful connections. After a collection of measurements are taken, I will observe patterns from the data and transform my research into a series of unique “portraits” of each connection through using sound, video, sculpture, drawing, and performance.

The research will begin with a focus on the eyes, hands, tongue, and heart using a series of non-in- vasive tests and questions. I wish to focus on these parts of the body because I feel that they each contribute to a specific type of emotional, intellectual or physical connection.

The tests will consist of recording eye contact and heart rate; taking a cheek swab; a picture of the tongue; and printing with the hands in various ways. For example, a tongue that has a smooth edge at the tip vs. a tongue with a scalloped tip is a good physical indicator of anxiety. I am curious to see if a connected pair or group will share this characteristic and compliment each other.

To further investigate what factors drive each individual’s connections, I will conduct a series of interviews paired with written surveys. In addition to collecting data from participants, I will also develop a self-portrait that will focus on the correlation between mood and the results of each test methods in order to understand how changing circumstances affects my connection to the self and my relationships to others. The self portrait will be in the form of an interactive performance with the other portraits
in the installation. The performance will incorporate video projection, sound and dance that is created using the data from my self- portrait study.

The final result will be a series of interactive sound, video, and sculptural portraits of each participant’s connections based on the information gathered from the study at the residency and a performance that communicates my relationship to the project.


First Month- Design the ‘experiments’, gain participants, and perform the small non- invasive tests. The first month will be dedicated to collecting and organizing data.

Second Month-Work in the studio developing patterns from the collected data. This month will be about making drawings, editing sound, and video clips, and coming up with an abstract of each ‘portrait’. During this month I will be writing a lot about my findings and figuring out what everything could mean.

Third Month-Fabrication and Installation. During this month I will begin fabricating the sculptural ele- ments to the finished ‘portraits’, adding final touches, installing and rehearsing the performance.



Eileen Norell Ryan b.1988 U.S.A.

2014 University of Massachusetts Lowell, BFA Solo + Two Person Exhibits

2017 Escape Spaces and Research in Faith. Arts Research Collaborative, Lowell, Massachusetts. USA. September 7- September 29. 2016 Sirens, Light: Moths and Men. Arts Research Collaborative, Lowell, Massachusetts. USA. December 1- January 15
2013 Buffering. Dugan Gallery, Lowell, Massachusetts. USA. September 24- October 9

Selected Group Exhibits

2017 Festival Patrona Exhibition. San Roque de Cumbaza, Peru. 2016 Kanna Fall Art Festival. Fujisaki Jōzōjo, Onishi Japan.

Shiro Oni Studios Exhibition. Kimenzan Jōzōjo, Onishi, Japan.
Veterans Count, Public Art Eagle Parade. Portsmouth, New Hampshire. U.S.A. Chelsea Art Walk, Juried Exhibit. Pearl Street Gallery, Chelsea, Massachusetts. USA.

2015 From Here. Arts Research Collaborative, Lowell, Massachusetts. USA. 2014 BFA Show. University Gallery, Lowell, Massachusetts. USA.

yBos2. Young Boston Artists 2. Harbor Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts. USA. 2013 Pattern Included. Lorber Family Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Digital Art:Printmaking 2013. Lowell Telecommunications Corporation Gallery, Lowell, Massachusetts. USA.

Perspectives V. 119 Gallery, Lowell, Massachusetts. USA.
2012 yBos1. Young Boston Artists. Harbor Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts. USA.

Alex + Alex at the Hub of the Universe. State House, Boston, Massachusetts. USA.

Yeki Bud, Yeki Nabud. Meulensteen Gallery, New York, New York. U.S.A 2011 Shapeshifters & Aliens. Rossi &Rossi Gallery, London, United Kingdom.

Process Made Visible III. Dugan Gallery, Lowell, Massachusetts. USA. Three Installations. Dugan Gallery, Lowell, Massachusetts. USA.


2017 Sachaqa Centro de Arte Artist Residency. San Roque de Cumbaza, Peru. 2016 Shiro Oni Studio Residency. Gunma, Onishi, Japan.

Publications + Articles

2015 Other Lives: Connecting through Performance with Eileen Ryan. written by Michael Lohmier September 17 Beds, Pools, Soccer and Wresting Work by Eileen Ryan, Medium written by Mariah Siegmann

2013 Pattern Included, Arts and Ideas, Umass Lowell Center for Arts and Ideas. Fall 2013
Students Get Interdisciplinary in Israel, Trip to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Opens Eyes and Doors, Umass Lowell Today, Julia Gavin. 07/17/2013

2012 Thought Made Visible, A Selection of Painting and Sculpture from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. UML Fine Arts Catalog. October 22 Arts and Ideas. Umass Lowell Center for Arts and Ideas. Fall 2012

2011 Shapeshifters & Aliens, Exhibition Catalog, Rossi & Rossi Ltd. p.20/60, mention in back. 09/2011 Professional + Relevant Experience
2017 Studio Artist Assistant for Ambreen Butt May 2015 – Present

2016 Curator, Studies of Impermanence, Alexandra Derderian, Arts Research Collaborative. Lowell, MA Nelson Atkins Museum, Print Project Supervisor for Ambreen Butt Studios
Portfolio Review Panel Representative for UMass Lowell at Northern Essex Community College 2/23

2015 Assistant Preparer, Weathering Art, Denise Manseau, Brickbottom Artists, Somerville, MA. Curator, Still Life. Gwen Strahle. Arts Research Collaborative, Lowell, MA.

2014 Curator, 42 38’ 9.313” N71 19’ 1.581” W . Duy Hoang. 119 Gallery, Lowell ,MA
Curator, New Drawings. Michael Zachary. Arts Research Collaborative, Lowell, MA
Curator, a place such as this (or a place such as that). Rebecca Scott Newhouse, 119 Gallery Assistant Preparer, On Permanence and Change, Duy Hoang, Thomas Erben Gallery, New York Volunteer, Elementary Level Collage Workshop at YMCA Lowell, MA

2013 Acting Director at the Arts Research Collaborative 2013-2017
Curator, Points | Lines | Particles | Waves. Denise Manseau, 119 Gallery Director, 6th Annual Fine Arts Benefit and Auction, Allen House, Lowell, MA.

2011 Student Art Union President 2011-2014

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