Residency by Ken Rinaldo – From 5th of August|10th of August 2017

Ken Rinaldo visited Cultivamos Cultura and did his art residency!
Ken Rinaldo is internationally recognized for interactive art installations that develop hybrid ecologies with human, plant, and animal. These serve as model and experiment for thinking about complex social, biological and machine symbionts that are arising. Exploring critical interface designs allows interrogation of technology as an emergent form with evolutionary survival instincts and self-aware software agents.Biological and algorithmic species offer unique intermixing of intelligence in unexpected ways. Hybrids create complex intertwined ecologies by design and accident. Digital visualization / fabrication, algorithmic / behavior based approaches, bacterial cultures all offer spaces where a semi-living species are arising.

Rinaldo is focused on theories of life, symbiogenesis, trans-species communication and research methods to understand and explore animal, insect and bacterial cultures as we model emergent intelligence as they interact, self-organize and co-inhabit the earth. Rinaldo’s works have been commissioned by museums, festivals and galleries internationally such as: ALIFE; Mexico, Centro National Arts Mexico, Nuit Blanche, Canada, Museum of Contemporary Art; Chicago, Kiasma Museum; Finland, World Ocean Museum; Russia, Ars Electronica; Austria, National Center for Contemporary Art; Russia, Lille International Arts Festival; France, la Maison d’Ailleurs; Switzerland, Vancouver Olympics; Canada, Platform 21; Holland, Transmediale; Berlin, AV Festival; England, Caldas Museum of Art; Colombia, Arco Arts Festival; Spain, Te Papa Museum; New Zealand, Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporaneo; Spain, Pan Palazzo Delle Arti; Italy, V2 DEAF; Holland, Siggraph; Los Angeles, Exploratorium; San Francisco, Itau Cultural Museum; Brazil, Biennial for Electronic Art; Australia and the Rinaldo was the recipient of an Award of Distinction in 2004 at Ars Electronica Austria for Augmented Fish Reality and first prize for Vida 3.0 Madrid for his work Autopoiesis, which also won an honorable mention in Ars Electronica in 2001.

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