Bodily fluids – Residency by Paul Vanouse – 24th June | 11th July 2017

My current large-scale projects are The America Project ( and Labor (
These bioArt projects differ to me in that the former is a strongly visual focus on human DNA, where the latter in a scent-based focus on body microbes. However, their deepest unity is in the idea of bodily fluids (spit and sweat) as the content and media used to communicate. I’d like to use this residency as a chance to work outside the lab on fluid-based mark-making. For instance, sweat as both a medium, but also something with specific visual properties—for instance sweat marks on a stained t-shirt have iconic visual patterns, and also chemical properties allowing certain biological organisms and chemical compounds to stick or inhabit this shape (many which in tern react with light and other reactants). I believe this will be a foundation for several simple explorations that will involve some quasi- historical image reproduction processes.

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