Residency by Yelena Popova & Stuart Hodges | August 24th to September 14th 2016

Popova-Hodges is a husband and wife creative team. We are embarking on joint research project to investigate whether it’s possible to transform a painting from an image-object to an object-spectacle by speeding up the decaying process or by producing a slow reaction that visibly transforms the layer of matter on a flat surface over several weeks?

During our residency at Cultivamos Cultura we’ll collaborate with Marta de Menez and experiment with live cultures to create a ‘metamorphosing mural’.

Yelena Popova is a Royal College of Art graduate from MA Painting in 2011, working across many disciplines, including: film, painting installation, performance and text. Yelena’s work has been selected for the publication ‘100 Painters of Tomorrow’, which will be published by Thames and Hudson later this year. In January she was one of four artists to be shortlisted for The Arts Foundation Awards 2014 prize, for the category of Painting.

Stuart Hodges, recently retired, is a former Principal Lecturer in Graphic Design at Nottingham Trent University. With many years experience as a graphic designer his research interests include the study of national identity and visual culture in former Eastern-European countries.

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