ANNA ISAAK – ROSS RESIDENCY – from 11th of July to 14 of August

Anna is intend on furthering a longstanding series of portraits using the natural environment of the Soutwest Alentejo Natural Park and the sea scape of western Portugal. She is very interested in visiting various cork farms with the hope of photographing the tree’s in their harvest. In addition to the outdoor landscapes, Anna is excited to explore shooting within the residency homes and studios.

Her series of self-portraits, “Making Way, ” explores tamed, ruined & untamed landscapes as vessels for an archetypal understanding of self. She is devoted to carving out identities using light and shadow. Anna constructs and captures moments that invite viewers into a narrative arcof their own choosing. She photographs herself exploring the natural world using the physical form.

Emotions mutate into motion & are caught on the negative—moments of static time and moments of transition. While creating compositions with photography she strives to push the limits of her positions & postures, straining against or blending into the physical aspects distinguishing each landscape.

Anna enjoys the struggle of creating her own narrative behind the camera, and the inevitable evolution of her point of view once she studies a negative. Finally, she’s fascinated with the final print’s tendency to lure viewers into creating their own narratives, simultaneously ushering in a brief respite from reality.

In addition to continuing this series, Anna is excited for the opportunity to make art as it happens! This being said, she is very much open to exploring and blurring the lines between biology and art. If the opportunity arises, Anna would also like to create a series of cyanotype images based upon the natural plant and marine life.

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