EXHIBITION MONTRAS 2015 | August 8th to September 2015

Our Summertime Exhibition! An event that was part of the community of São Luis’ event Montras.


Adam Zaretsky / Alex May / Amy Youngs / Andrew Carnie / Anna Dumitriu / Antonio Caramelo / Carolyn Angleton / Claudia Alves / Chelsea Greenwell / Federico Hemmer / Herwig Turk / Howard Bowland / Isabel Tweedie / Isabel de Menezes / Inês Moreira / Jamie Ferguson, Jenifer Willet, Jelena Maticic, Kacie Aufret, Kathy High, Ken Rinaldo, Kira O’Reilly / Kira deCourdes / Laura Cinti / Manuel Valente Alves / Maria Manuela Lopes / Maria Lucia Cruz Correia / Marta de Menezes / Nina Szielasko / Nina Sellers / Paulo Bernardino Bastos / Pedro Preto / Shannon Bell / Stelarc / Tagny Duff.


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