SUMMER EXHIBITION | July 29th to September 28th 2014

Experimental Art in process at CULTIVAMOS CULTURA (PT).

This year’s Summer Exhibition will show a number of artworks that will allow the visitors of Cultivamos Cultura an overview of the projects that have been developed on site in previous years in dialogue with works that introduce the artists that will develop residencies with us this summer.


  • Ana Sousa – Flying Away
  • Amy Youngs – Solar Farm Fountain
  • António Caramelo – Untitled (tradução)
  • Boo Chapple – Where is Wanda?
  • Celso de Guimarães
  • Ken Rinaldo
  • Kira O’Reilly and Marta de Menezes – Spiderweb
  • Maria Lucia Cruz Correia – Ontological ecology of Echoes, When nature takes back a social story -Em colaboração com Lina Nunes
  • Maria Manuela Lopes – Ethology I
  • Marta de Menezes – In the beggining there was the word
  • Roman Kirschner – Social Airbags

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