SUMMER EXHIBITION 2013 – August and September

Summer Exhibition, our second in house exhibition this year.

This year’s Summer Exhibition has shown a number of artworks that allowed the visitors of Cultivamos Cultura an overview of the projects that have been developed on site in previous years in dialogue with works that introduce the artists that develop residencies with us in the Spring and Summer.

Works and artists:
A Maravilha / Aida Castro, Dreaming of a Butterfly / António Caramelo, Performance /António Caramelo; Serán ceniza mas tendrá sentido (ligeramente tóxico) / Bios Ex Machina; Bleu Remix / Yann Marussich; Spiderweb / Kira O’Reilly and Marta de Menezes; Ontological Ecology of Echoes, When nature takes back a social story / Maria Lúcia Cruz Correia, Documentation on the exhibition organised for the European Capital of Culture Guimarães2012 / Exposição Emergencias2012.

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