Just 40 Exhibition – 31 of May 2015

The Just 40 Exhibition will show a number of artworks that will allow the visitors of Cultivamos Cultura an overview of a series of projects that have been developed by national and international artists as a result of serious art research and experimentation. The dialogue between the works will highlight their quality in execution and the dept of their concepts. This is an exceptional exhibition that will allow the visitors of Cultivamos Cultura a great experience in contemporary art!


Adam Zaretsky / Alex May / Ana Marin Martinho / Anna Dumitriu / André Cepeda / Antonio Caramelo / Assimina Kaniari / Claudia Alves / Claudia Figueiredo / Hervig Turk / Howard Boland / Inés Moreira / Jamie Ferguson / Jane Gilmor / Jennifer Villet / João Urbano / Kacie Aufret / Kathy High / Kira O’Reilly / Laura Cinti / Leonor Graça / Manuel Graça / Manuel Valente Alves / Maria Manuela Lopes / Marie Pier Boucher / Miguel Palma / Nina Sellers / Nina Szielasko / Paula Pinto / Paulo Bernardino Bastos / Paulo Boto / Pedro Preto / Isabel de Menezes / Ruta / Shannon Bell / Suncica Ostoic / Stelarc / Tagny Duff / Teresa Rabotim.


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