HAY FEVER! – From 4th of July | to 30th September of 2014

Experimental Art, Land Art and process curated by António Caramelo (PT).

Hay Fever is a project that searches new ways to develop and present new media projects in contemporary art, more specifically the concept of invisibility within nature and in the exhibition space. This event lives from the creation of new artworks, without clear visual expression by experimental contemporary artists and will be curated by António Caramelo. The works will explore new technologies, which have as a base, sound experiences to define space. The display of these art pieces will take advantage of the tension between the new technologies and the natural rural environment. To enphasis this aspect we will make a gallery space, entirelly made of hay bales, in a vast cereal field around the town of São Luís. The exhibition space will be in it’s own right, a form of land art and the works will be sollar powered.
With this exhibition we aim to explore the contrast between the natural and the tecno/scientific; as well as the overwhelmong presence of the exhibition space and the invisibility of the works themselves. Artists will be announced soon!

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