ENTRETANTO(S) – From 2009

A research and production residency by Paulo Bernardino Bastos (PT).

Paulo Bernardino Bastos:

Paulo Bernardino Bastos is from Oporto City where he was born in 1963. He has a PhD in Art Studies with the title “A intersecção das novas tecnologias na criação da imagem nas artes plásticas, no final do sec. XX: a imagem, a tecnologia e a arte” and is the Professor at the University of Aveiro responsible for the post-graduate program in Contemporary Art Creation.  As an artist he started his career by using some of the more traditional techniques and materials that fell within the established subjects of drawing and sculpture. He is now exploring a more technologically embedded direction through image manipulation, were he intersects, digital and electronics in his artworks. He has presented his work already in several international events both as speaker and artist.


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