COMMUNITY WEAVING – From July to October 2009

A research and production residency by Teresa Carneiro (PT).

An extensive drawing residency hosted by ‘Cultivamos Cultura – Associação Cultural’, based in S. Luís, Alentejo (south of Portugal), with the participation of a group of elder people from the Day Care Center of the small village of S. Luís, Alentejo, as well as people from the village.

Day Care Centre at the village of S. Luís, Alentejo, Portugal

August 2009 – November 2009

Facilitators and Staff
Coordinator of the project/Staff – Teresa Carneiro
Facilitators – Inês Teles, Daniela Vasco, Sandra, Manuela Correia, Marta Carneiro
Adult Learners
About 400 people, 260 women and 140 men, from the Day Care Centreand from the village of S. Luís, Alentejo

WHY: Communitary Weaving was a residency program supported by ‘Cultivamos Cultura – Associação Cultural’, under the responsibility of Teresa Carneiro, developed in partnership with ‘Drawing Spaces’. It took place at the Day Care Centre of the village of Saint Luis in the South of Portugal. This project set in place a number of drawing related activities, some of which developed over an extensive period of time, which seek to question, promote, open up, analyze and, to an extent, reconfigure, the roles and places of the members of a given community (in this case, the community of S. Luis), and therefore, the parameters for the constitution of the identity of such community. From the point of view of the Day Care Centre, one could ask for example, who are the direct participants of this community – the adults in need of ‘care’ who attended the Institution, staff members, family and friends who visited? Are there direct and indirect members of a community? Who/ what determines then the membership (who takes part in) of a community? On the other hand, located at the centre of the village of S. Luis, this Day Care Centre ‘appeared’ nevertheless isolated as a structure that housed people in need of some sort of ‘care’, and who, in a way, do not participated in the outside life of the village. From this perspective, who could be said to be a constitutive member of the community of the village of S. Luis – those living/ acting around and outside the Day Care Centre? Could it be said that various micro-communities operated within the overall village?

Teresa Carneiro (PT):

Teresa Carneiro holds a Bachelor in Sculpture by the Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa, a Specialty in Drawing by the Massana School, Barcelona (with a merit scholarship from the same institution), a Post-Baccalaureate in Fine Arts by the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, an MA in Drawing by the Wimbledon College of Art, London (with a scholarship from the Gulbenkian Foundation), and is currently developing a practice-based PhD in Drawing at the School of Fine Art History of Art and Cultural Studies from the University of Leeds (with a scholarship from FCT). She worked as a lecturer in Drawing at IADE, Institute of Visual Arts Design and Marketing, Portugal, and as BA dissertation Supervisor and a lecturer in ‘Advanced Drawing’ at the Leeds College of Art and Design, UK. She has presented her work in exhibitions such as Art in Action, Oxford (2008), Delineate, Patrick Studios ESA, Leeds (2007), Mark Out, Phoenix Gallery, Brighton (2007), Ten a Day, Centre for Drawing, Wimbledon (2006), Sticks, The Gallery Space, London (2002), Exactitude and Lightness, Rosenberg Gallery, Baltimore (2001). As part of her research work, she has presented papers such as The Work of Art in Drawing, Research Week, Wimbledon and Can the thinking of drawing be constituted as a subject? ESA, Leeds (2007), and participated in a curatorial project at the Tate Britain fora display of drawings to accompany the Symposium With a Single Mark: The Models and Practice of Drawing (2006). Future projects include a residency at the MEANTIME Gallery, Cheltenham, in November 2008. Teresa is co-organizer of ‘Drawing Spaces’.

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