Palimpsesto Exhibition 2020 |16th January to the 9th of February

PALIMPSESTO Curator Maria Manuela Lopes MUSEU MUNICIPAL DE PENAFIEL 2020 EXPOSIÇÃO 17th January | 09th February As a palimpsest this exhibition explores the investigation of / by art in overlapping layers with some freedom of content juxtaposition. The word palimpsest is derived from the Greek and means something like scraping or scratching to do on…

FACTT – Festival Art & Science @Mexico City – 6th of October | 14th of October

The Arte Institute in partnership with Mute, Cultivamos Cultura and Ectopia has the pleasure to announce the first FACTT – Festival Art & Science Trans-disciplinary and Trans-national inMexico. The Festival took place in Lisbon and New York in September and will arrive to Mexico City on October 6. More info:  

Exhibition Colisão @Montras – 12th of August | 8th of September 2017

Artists: Alan Tod, Alex Carnie, Andrew Carnie, Cosima Herter, Dalila Honorato, Daniel Roher, Dolores Steinman, Ellen Wetmore, Gabriela Quintais, Joan Linder,  Katie Barry, Leonor Graça, Liz Auffant, Liz Linder, Luis Graça, Luis Quintais, Maja Smrekar, Manuel Furtado dos Santos, Maria Francisca Abreu, Marta de Menezes, Michela Baloi, Nigel Helyer,  Paul Vanouse, Robert Carnie, Sarah Blissett.