SUL SOL – From 18th October | 23rd November of 2013

Our Exhibition in the town of Odemira.

Sol-Sul is the culmination of one year of activities at Cultivamos Cultura and a co-production with the Museum MEIAC, in Spain, and the Verbeke Foundation in Belgium.
This exhibition gathers a set of international artists with recognized merit in several visual arts disciplines.

Works and artists:
Dreaming of a Butterfly / António Caramelo, Untitled (translation 1) / António Caramelo, Serán ceniza mas tendrá sentido (ligeramente tóxico) / Bios Ex Machina; Flying Pig / France Cadet; Clymanbay / Herwig Turk; 3 seconds / Ivan Henriques; Boxing Balls / Kevin van Braak; Ontological ecology of Echoes, When nature takes back a social story / Maria Lúcia Cruz Correia; Spiderweb / Marta de Menezes andKira O’Reilly; Nails 002 R-D-C-F-K / Han Hoogerbrugge, Landscape / Martin uit den Bogaard; Vibrations and waves / Peter Flemming and Darsha Hewitt; Artist’s Statement nº 45,730,944 / Young-hae Cheng Heavy Industries.

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