EMERGÊNCIAS – October 2012

Emergências2012 European Capital of Culture, Exhibition Catalogue.

The exhibition Emergências2012, dedicated to New Media and experimental artworks, was created as an experiment itself. Ultimately it offers a wide range of artistic discourses centred in the different “matter” that is used as art medium. Emergências2012 provides, therefore, an interaction with a more experimental character of the artistic creation of today.

Exhibition produced for Guimaraes 2012 – European Capital of Cultura dedicated to new media and Experimental art practices.

The catalogue includes texts by:
Luis Quintais, Alexandre Quintanilha, Richard Zimmler, António Franco, Maria Teresa Cruz, Marta de Menezes, João Castro, José Pedro Sousa. It also includes texts from the artists : André Sier (Portugal), Arcangel Constantini (México), Peter Flemming (Canadá), Roman Kirschner (Áustria), Tagny Duff (Canadá), Chris Salter(Canadá), Mike Thompson (UK), Shawn Brixey (EUA), Daniel Palacios (Espanha),Yann Marussich (Suíça), Maria Manuela Lopes (Portugal), Terike Haapoja(Finlândia), Brian Mackern (Uruguai), Eva y Franco Mattes (Itália), John Klima(EUA) John Simon (EUA), Gustavo Romano (Argentina).

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